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Welcome to the family history section of our site. Our first compilation of our family's history is a list of those whom we lost during the Shoah. Please contact us with your reactions, questions, suggestions or additions. Thanks for visiting.

Baila (nee-Weiszmann) Deutsch
Bluma Deutsch Abt. 1930
Chana Deutsch Abt. 1920
Dov Deutsch Abt. 1920
Esther (nee-Lieberman) Deutsch
Gittle (nee-Lieberman) Deutsch and husband (name?)
1 child of Gittle Deutsch and husband
Herman Deutsch
Mayer Boruch Bendet Deutsch
Moshe and Ruchela (nee-?) Deutsch
Zvi (Herschel) and Gittle (nee-?)Deutsch
3 additional children of Zvi and Gittle Deutsch
Menachem Deutsch
Shmuel Deutsch
4 children of Shmuel and Esther Deutsch
Simcha Deutsch
Lori (nee-Lieberman) Ebner
Shaul Ebner
3 children of Lori and Shaul Ebner
Menachem Epstein
Rivka (nee-Lieberman) Epstein
5 children of Menachem and Rivka Epstein
Bella (Baila) Goldberger Abt. 1920
Chaim Goldberger Abt. 1929
Edid Goldberger July 07, 1939
Ester Goldberger November 03, 1940
Fegga Tzipora (nee-Weiszmann) Goldberger Abt. 1878
Getzel Hersh (Zvi Herman) Goldberger 1901
Josef (Josel) Goldberger Abt. 1915
Mendel Menachem (Emanuel) Goldberger Abt. 1906
Mali (nee-Berkovitz) Goldberger Abt. 1914
Rachel Goldberger 1939
Rachel (Rozie)(nee-Markovitz) Goldberger January 01, 1914
Rivka (nee-Jozsef) Goldberger
Shalom Goldberger August 01, 1876
Volv Baer (Tibi) Goldberger 1937
Chaim Moshe Goldstein 1898
Chana Goldstein January 16, 1927
Golda Goldstein March 1933
Lea (nee-Weiszmann) Goldstein 1902
Tcharna Nessa Goldstein January 13, 1929
Esther (nee-Deutsch) Lax
Zebulon Lax
2 daughters of Esther and Zebulon Lax
Chaim Zev Lieberman
Chaya (nee-Weiszmann) Lieberman
Menachem Lieberman and wife (name?)
Potch Lieberman
Eszter (Ester) Weissmann
Fanika (Feige) Weissmann Abt. 1894
**Josef Leib Weissmann Abt. 1870
Laycsi (Leizer) Weissmann
Mordechai (Marton) Weissmann Abt. 1912
**Regina (nee-Hartman) Weissmann Abt. 1870
Vili (Volv Baer) Weissmann Abt. 1929
Aaron Weiszmann Abt. 1907
Blonko (Brana) (nee-Perl) Weiszmann Abt. 1910
2 children of Aaron and Blonko Weiszmann
Chana Weiszmann
Mordechai Weiszmann
Raizel (nee-Horowitz) Weiszmann Abt. 1858
Rivka (Regina) (nee-Goldberger) Weiszmann Abt. 1910
Rivka (nee-?) Weiszmann
Sarah (nee-Spiegel) Weiszmann
3 sons of Joseph and Sarah (nee-Spiegel) Weissman/Weiszmann
Tcharna Weiszmann
Yehudis (nee-Herskovech) Weiszmann
Zev Weiszmann
**died in 1944,cause not certain